Thi Nai Lagoon, Quy Nhon

Thi Nai Lagoon

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Visitors to Thi Nai Lagoon in Binh Dinh Province find irresistible the aquamarine sea, stunning vistas and mild weather that is both sunny and cool – to say nothing of the local delicacies. Myfriend and I chose Thi Nai Lagoon in Binh Dinh Province as their first destination in an idyllic trip along the coastal areas of central Viet Nam. "It was an excellent holiday as we could enjoy the fresh air by the sea, up in the mountains in the forest," said I. "We felt the caress of the sea, basked in the tropical sun and ate the special dishes of the region." I says the lagoon was the perfect setting for a laid back and carefree holiday. "You can contemplate the purple sunset over the sand dunes and visit the picturesque village near the seaport," he said "It made me feel in tune with nature, with the clear sky and peaceful clouds." I said he was happy to lay down in the shade of one of the trees that line the shore to simply relax and take in the scenery. But what he liked most was fishing at the nearby lake, which he said was full of fish, prawn, lobster and squid. The lagoon, which is said to be the largest in Binh Dinh, is situated between two low mountain ranges that merge with the blue sea, offering stunning vistas and mild weather that combines sunshine with the cool breezes blowing out of the forests from the mountains. To reach the lagoon, travel down the road going from Quy Nhon to the neighbouring province of Phu Yen. Make a turn on the first downhill road to the left and follow it. The lagoon is fantastic because people of all walks of life can enjoy it, myfriend said. "We visited a small temple called Thay Boi situated west of the lagoon. A local told us that the temple had been built by fishermen so they could have a place to worship the whale, who they believe is a protector for fishermen out at sea," I said, adding that his wife also paid her respect's to the patron saint at the temple to pray for a safe and lucky trip. The couple then visited local resident Huynh Van Thang, who told them that Thi Nai is also well-known for its seafood, especially the delicious Vong and Gai anchovies. "Most of local households in the area earn a living from catching fish. They are healthy and their children are intelligent because they eat a lot of seafood every day," said Thang. He added that many households also dry fish for sale and make nuoc mam (fish sauce), a centuries-old tradition. "Those who visit Binh Dinh will never forget the taste of Go Boi fish sauce which is made from Thi Nai anchovies," he said.

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